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From personal stories to meaningful high vibe conversations with inspiring guests, this podcast is created with one purpose, to give you permission to finally free yourself up and be You in every area of your life!

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How Two Mums Turned Their Passion for Snow Holidays into a Profitable Business and Podcast

In a recent podcast episode, we delved into the journey of how ski bum mums, Emma and Tennille, transformed their shared passion for ski holidays into a profitable business venture while seamlessly juggling the responsibilities of motherhood.  Their story isn’t merely about the love for snow-covered mountains; it is a…

What you can expect ...

Personal life experiences

By sharing my own personal journey of rediscovery and those of my amazing guests, it’s my hope that this vulnerability will give you the strength to take yourself on the path too. To inspire in you the willingness to do the inner work so you can author your dream life.

Experts with real advice

From self care, relationships, and health to sex, intimacy, parenting full grown humans and everything in between. I am excited to bring you real, raw and intelligent conversations with some pretty incredible people across Australia and from around the world.

Conversations thar matter

My promise is that every episode will bring insights and ideas around topics that inspire change and empower you to make it happen in the areas that matter most. Creating a life you are obsessed with means alignment in all things. Business, money, relationships, and health.

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Absolutely love this podcast!! So inspiring and empowering. Has made me reflect on myself and want to make changes in my life to help bring me happiness.”

- Mikaylay

Hey! I'm your host Megs

Not just a beach loving 40 something mother of 7 with a lot to say! I am also deeply passionate about seeing all of my closest humans and my clients achieving their fullest expression and potential. This show is about sharing stories of such growth and advice from my inspiring guests and experts around the world.

I don’t have a fancy pants studio but I do have a rather cool microphone I record my convo’s on each week. I am just tech savvy enough to F.S.O (figure shit out!) and make this show happen on the regular! When I am not recording or on a callwith an amazing client you can find me playing card games with the kids, cooking up something yummy in the kitchen or sipping a G&T on the back patio with my one and only.

I am SO many things, and so are you! It’s time to rediscover what makes you YOU, to finally experience true personal freedom, own your story, and author a life aligned with what’s most meaningful to you.

I'm Currently...


Outlander (dying for season 7!)


Gin & tonic of course


The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte (again)


Cuddles with Luke


Taylor Swift (who isn’t?!) 🙂

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I'm Megs

A beach loving Gold Coast podcaster, writer and personal coach full of love, hugs and an emoji for everything!

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